Our Mission

Prevent Loss of Life immediately after trauma or sudden illness

Some simple techniques and tools will empower bystanders to help saves lives

The first 10 minutes are CRITICAL

Call to action

No one should die from uncontrolled bleeding. Preventable

death after an active shooter or an intentional

mass-casualty event should be eliminated!

Patients have a much better chance of survival during a cardiac event with simple "hands only" CPR being performed

Public: Uninjured or minimally injured victims can act as rescuers. Everyone can save a life.


• Recognize that the initial response to an intentional

mass-casualty event will be from uninjured bystanders

and minimally injured victims

• Design education programs and implement training

for a public response to an active shooter, intentional

mass-casualty event, or a sudden illness

• Pre-position necessary equipment in appropriate locations